Hi all and welcome to my blog’s new location!

If you’ve followed my blog posts in the past you’ll notice that not only has the location changed but so too has the menu. Above you’ll see clickable menu options that take you to the continents and countries I’ve visited. Perhaps you’d like to visit them too!

If you just want to check out my latest post or perhaps see them all in chronological order, click ‘ALL’ in the menu above! Happy travels!

Scroll down for more information about my previous blog location and my ten-year Thailand journal or stay here a while to watch my slideshow!

Under ‘Asia’ in the above menu there’s an option for ‘LIVING THE THAI LIFE’. Here you’ll find the last entry of my beloved Thailand journal. There’s also a link to the previous blog location,, which gives you access to the full Thailand journal, going way back, and a heap of other earlier adventures too.

Thank you for stopping by!